The Permanet+ system from FCS combines Permalog leak noise sensor and our versatile telemetry data
technology to create a fixed network to monitor leakage.

Remote programming and changing off all parameters, including sampling frequency

Once installed, leak data calculated using the proven Permalog algorithm, and secondary data, is transmitted via low cost 3G/2G telemetry. This removes the requirement for expensive site visits and “drive by” data retrieval.

Potential Leak Areas Quickly Identified

Permanet+ allows leakage teams to monitor the status of each logger deployed from map based host software on any internet enabled device using Omnicoll. The system works in conjunction with Google Maps technology to provide a live on screen tracking, allowing leakage teams to respond quickly to problem areas and bring them under control efficiently.

Secondary Validation

Once the presence of a leak has been identified, secondary measures can be used to check and remove
‘false positives’ and also to localize the leak position

Correlation – Audio files are used to correlate remotely to localize the leak position for follow up

Aqualog – remotely retrieving the Aqualog detailed noise graphic, clearly indicates the consistent presence of a leak

Audio – For operators who prefer to ‘hear’ their leaks audio files are transferred to the host





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