Leak Finder

Leak finder


Leak-Finder is an innovative system specifically designed to provide accurate and reliable leakage pinpointing in traditionally difficult leak detection situations, such as on plastic pipelines. 

Leak-Finder allows operators to pinpoint the leak position and therefore speed repair and reduce excavation costs to a minimum.

The system is primarily designed for Customer Side Leakage (CSL), but equally applicable to other pipe applications within the designated range. 

The system is designed to work on pipe with a smooth internal bore up to a diameter of up to 50mm.

Leak-Finder is connected to an open end, or fitting of the test pipe using a section of MDPE. The hose is reeled through the Leak- Finder control and inflation unit into the end of the pipe, with an appropriate bladder in place.

The operator inflates the bladder to block a chosen section of the pipe; this section is then pressurised from the pump at the central unit. Control unit dials indicate whether the test section is holding pressure or failing, thereby establishing whether or not a leak is present.

The bladder is easily deflated and moved, to change the section under test and to accurately pinpoint the exact position of the leak. The operator knows exactly the length for connection point to the leak.

Accessory options are available to trace the run if necessary.

Key Features

  • Pinpoints leak locations on acoustically challenging pipelines (e.g. plastic pipes)
  • In built tracing wire in the 50m reel. 
  • High accuracy of leak detection reduces excavation costs and improves repair time. 
  • User friendly design
  • Low cost unit



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