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Welcome to FCS

Welcome to FCS

FCS produces cost saving water and energy management solutions.

Our innovative technology is used throughout the world to combat water leakage and energy wastage, thereby helping to reduce C02 emissions and protect our natural resources.


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Palmer Environmental

Palmer equipment is used successfully throughout the world to detect leaks, monitor flow and control network pressure.

  • Leak Localization

    We manufacture equipment that enables water companies to quickly identify leak areas within their water network. This includes the Permalog+ leak noise logger and MAST II portable step tester.

  • Leak Pinpointing

    Our market leading range of leak correlators and ground microphones are used to determine the exact position of a leak prior to digging.

  • Pressure Control

    Our pressure control equipment automatically adjusts water pressure in the network in response to changing demand throughout the day. This saves water, reduces leakage and extends asset life

  • Flow Measurment

    Portable flow meters are used to determine the quantity of water entering a particular part of the network. By comparing network supply with customer consumption, water losses can be calculated.



Market leading Radcom data loggers and environmental monitoring systems are designed to be maintenance free.

  • Data Logging (Portable)

    Our LoLog range of loggers are used to read meters and other monitoring devices. Data is downloaded manually via a USB lead or infra-red interface. Our Pressure Transient logger is used to clearly identify spikes.

  • Data Logging (Telemetry)

    Our MultiLog and LX data loggers feature internal telemetry to transmit data to any internet enabled device. All Radcom loggers are waterproof, submersible and battery powered.

  • Environmental Monitoring

    Our range includes the SonicSens ultrasonic level measurement sensor to monitor rivers, open channels, tanks and overflows and the Senator+ satellite logger for sending data from remote and inaccessible locations.

  • Data Analysis

    Market leading Radwin software is used to set up loggers and analyse data. DataGate provides a comprehensive remote data handling solution. HWM Online enables immediate web based viewing of data.

Radio Tech


Wireless monitoring technology designed to integrate with existing systems and provide high visibility reporting.

  • Energy Management

    Accurately measuring and monitoring consumption is essential to make savings. Our Economise solution provides 'near-real-time' data to help customers eliminate waste, cut costs and reduce carbon emissions.

  • Compliance Monitoring

    Aquavision automatically monitors and flushes water storage areas and alerts users to conditions which may cause an outbreak of the legionella virus. This helps companies to comply with current legislation.

  • Building Performance

    The Observe range can be used to monitor multiple areas including temperature, humidity, energy use, movement and CO2. The system can provide remote visibility of many dwellings via a single web-based interface.

  • Automatic Meter Reading

    The highly cost effective Walk-by, Drive-by and Fixed Network AMR solutions can be easily retrofitted to almost any pulse enabled meter to record consumption and transmit data for billing.